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Gas pavilion -

As you pass through the North Entrance into the Nagakutee Area of EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan, you will see the Gas Pavilion directly on your left. It is a beautiful pavilion covered with wood grain.

The shape of the pavilion is enhanced by a long series of pillars forming a rhythmic ellipse, and a gently sloping white staircase that encircles the entire building. The pavilion was designed not only to be barrier-free, but also to have a "piloti" structure on the ground floor (a roofed area supported by stilts), a spacious covered and open area where visitors can wait comfortably to enter the pavilion on rainy or hot days.

The pavilion is presented by the Federation of Gas Companies of Japan, which includes some 230 city gas companies throughout Japan. The basic theme of the pavilion is "Dream Energy for People and the Planet". The focus will be on the diversity and possibilities of natural gas, a clean energy source whose increasing use is hoped to be spread globally as an energy that does not harm people or the Earth.

The main show is the "Magic Flame Theatre", a show that combines real flames, special effects, videos and live performances by actors. In the main theatre, famous actors Masahiko Tsugawa and Arata Furuta will appear on screen as magicians, while young actors will serve as their disciples on the real stage. They will perform a humorous show, exchanging words with visitors to the pavilion. The magic formula will be "Flint, fire, foo! A curious magic begins with this incantation. At the climax, a flaming magic using real natural gas flames will be presented, showing the smoothness of the flames and their energy efficiency. The show lasts about 12 minutes, and 3 sessions are scheduled per hour.

The exhibition hall, whose keyword is "mysterious gas", will present state-of-the-art technologies and information about gas as an energy source, with a focus on natural gas. The central element of the exhibition will be "burning ice", or hydrolat methane, which is attracting a lot of attention as an energy source for future generations. It is said that the sea around Japan alone contains a reserve of methane hydrate sufficient to satisfy Japan's natural gas consumption for about 100 years. Methane hydrate, which looks like ice, will be actually burned in demonstrations. Other exhibits will include fuel cells for domestic use, producing electricity through gas, and gas air conditioners that burn gas to cool the air. They will be presented in a funny and easy-to-understand way.

The Gas Pavilion will be the only private pavilion that will open its roof terrace with a panoramic view to the public. From the terrace, which is decorated with all kinds of plants, visitors will be able to see the EXPO Plaza and the Global Loop and enjoy the abundant nature and festivities of the EXPO.

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