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Seto Aichi Pavilion - Expo Aichi 2005

The theme of the Seto Aichi Pavilion is "The Pulse and Breath of the Forest". Surrounded by the lush greenery of the Seto Area's "Kaisho Forest", this pavilion will allow visitors to physically feel the connection between man and nature. The three-storey exhibition hall has been designed in harmony with the undulating terrain of the site. Visitors will enter from the top floor and descend in sequence as they view the exhibits.

In this pavilion, the experience begins with the "Forest Library," which features drawings of Aichi plants and animals from an illustrated natural history book "Honzouzusetsu" from the Edo period.

Then comes the "Forest Room" which will prepare an impressive report on the four seasons and life forms in the "Kaisho Forest" recorded over two years using the latest digital audio technology. This room, which offers spectacularly mesmerising sensory experiences for visitors, includes the mysterious world of insects, the changing faces of the forest throughout the seasons and sounds you may never have heard before.

On leaving the hall, visitors will pass through the "Forest Gallery" which features crafts about insects and other aspects of nature made by 10,000 children in Aichi using natural and recycled materials. Next comes a fantasy of light and sound in the form of the "Forest Museum". Here visitors will see stuffed specimens of three mammals that no longer exist in Aichi, including the Japanese wolf.

The Seto Aichi Pavilion reminds us that all life forms are an important part of our existence.

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