Universal Exhibition of Agricultural, Industrial and Fine Arts Products - Paris 1855

Agriculture, Industry and Fine Arts

May 15, 1855 - November 15, 1855

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Dutch Gallery

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We will take the side gallery, on the left as you enter, where the Dutch exhibition was held after Belgium. Holland was represented by its most distinguished artists. 58 painters sent in 84 paintings.
We have a View of Rotterdam (1603), by M. Verveer, of The Hague, one of the most esteemed painters of the Netherlands; Tranquillity, Valley of St. Peter (1540), by M. Dubourg, of Amsterdam; a Young Household and Old Aunt (1524), by M. David Bled, of The Hague. David Bled, of The Hague; Prince William of Orange opposing: for the first time the execution of the decrees of the King of Spain (1559), by Mr. Israels, of Amsterdam; fa Cène in a Protestant church (1527), by Mr. Bos boom, of The Hague; the Meridian (1571), by Mr. Kru-seman; Winter in the vicinity of The Hague (1556) . by Mr. Hoppenbrowers, of The Hague; Monks Singing a Te Deum (1526), by Mr. Bosboom; a View of Dordrecht (1610), by Mr. Weissenbruch; Still Water (1608), by Mr. Waldorp, of The Hague; The Rehearsal of the Showmen (1593), by Mr. Smidt-Crans; a View of Zuyderzee (1544), by Mr. Gruyter, of Amsterdam; a Scene of a Move to Amsterdam (1604), by Mr. Verveer; a Landscape in Autumn (1568), a Wood in Winter (1569), by Mr. Koekkock; an Interior of a Dutch Town (1609), by Mr. Weissenbruch; finally, Cattle on the Rhine (1547), by Mr. Haas.

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