Universal Exhibition of Agricultural, Industrial and Fine Arts Products - Paris 1855

Agriculture, Industry and Fine Arts

May 15, 1855 - November 15, 1855

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France. - We began our visit with the right wall.
We noticed first the Harvest (3444), by M. Lafage; the Reading Lesson (3136), by M. E. Frère; the Morning (2657), by M. Cabat; a Morning (2406), by M. Achard; Poacher taking a goat (3994), by M. Schützenberger; Surprised deer (3201), by M. Haffner; Couple of dogs (3666), by M. Mélin; Landscape near Berlin (2426), by M. Anastasio; and the Haffner; Couple of dogs (3666), by M. Mélin; Landscape near Berlin (2426), by M. Anastasi; Evening (3993), by M. Schützenberger; Dog claiming (3665), the Aliali of the stag (3664), by M. Mélin; Portrait of M. F. Bonvin (2596), by himself.
M. Jadin, the famous painter of hunts, had exhibited some charming canvases; two paintings belonging to Count Ney, first veneur: L'Assemblé de la vénerie au carrefour d'Achères, à Fontainebleau (3387), and La Retraite prise (3388); a Relai de chiens (3386), and Chiens travaillant un terrier de badaireau (3391); Rigolette (3390); six Têtes de chiens (3392); Tippoo à seize ans (3393), and finally l'Ebat des chiens (3389).
We then find, on our way: a Horse Fair in Brittany (3450), by M. Lalaisse, a very distinguished horse painter; Binious bretons (3762), by M. Penguilly-l'Haridon; Duel de Coligny et de Guise (3580), by M. Léman; le Repos du matin (2773), by M. Coignard, belonging to the Emperor's household; Berthold Schwartz seeking the first application of gunpowder to weapons of war, victim of an explosion (3761); le Tripot (3763); l'Invitation (3765), by M. Penguilly; a portrait of Mlle Augustine Brohan, of the Comédie française (3789), by M. Philippe; the Miraculous Spring (2634); Corpus Christi (2633), and a Wooden Train on the Rhine, by M. G. Brion; Ce qu'on voit à vingt ans (3195), and a Pilori (3194), with this epigraph taken from Béranger: "If from the ranks some men come out, all of us shout : A bas les fous!" by M. Glaize; a Matinée intime (3064), by M. Fichel, belonging to Princess Mathilde; a Champ de foire (3567), by M. Adolphe Leleux.

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