Universal Exhibition of Agricultural, Industrial and Fine Arts Products - Paris 1855

Agriculture, Industry and Fine Arts

May 15, 1855 - November 15, 1855

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Products on display

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The great nave is occupied by the monumental products of all the nations, among which one notices the fountains of the French exhibitors, the trophy of the English navy, the trophy of the terracotta of Austria, the lighthouse of the administration of public works, the statue of the late king of Prussia. A Saint-Gobain mirror, a Belgian mirror, two pulpits from the Netherlands, gold and marble altars, and bronzes complete this ensemble, the main character of which is shown on our plate.

On the ground floor, the southern part belongs entirely to foreign nations; the northern part to France. On both fronts, twenty monumental showcases contain remarkable products. Behind these showcases, rooms over which the view of the galleries hovers, are devoted to as many distinct industries: for France, these are printing, industrial plastics, children's boxes and toys, ceramics, glassware, goldsmiths and enlin bronzes, that glory of Parisian industry.

In the historical introduction, you will find the distribution of the space between the different areas, either on the ground floor or on the first floor: the attached plans will suffice to indicate the various locations occupied by each of them.

The luxury fabrics, artificial flowers and jewellery make the upper gallery, in the French part, a real ladies' paradise.

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