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In the centre of a large circular room, in which the light is skilfully arranged, rises a vast platform on top of which the crown diamonds attract numerous visitors; all around, the masterpieces of the Sèvres manufactory are outlined in graceful silhouettes next to the emperor's service, which has come out of the workshops of Mr. Chris-toile.

The walls are adorned with the magnificent carpets of the Gobelins and Beauvais, which represent the imperial manufactures with dignity, next to the tapestries of M. Sallandrouze and the carpets of Aubusson. What perfections in these products: these unalterable colours, fixed on the biscuit or the fabric, ensure to these works of art the admiration of the centuries to come.

The gallery at the periphery contains on the one hand musical instruments, weapons and cutlery; on the other hand, all the products of French cabinet making, with which the designs of our industrial artists occupy a special gallery.

In the garden, two sheds contain the coachwork of most of the nations represented at the Palais de l'Industrie, except for England and Austria. The building for agricultural instruments and products shows the achievements of mechanical arls in agriculture.

In the garden, construction models, the Emperor's yacht, a model of a propeller and a large number of pieces of considerable size surround the circular gallery which is the main buffet of the establishment. The canteen for the workers and service men is placed close to the model of a workers' city which Mr. Clarck has had built, and which will soon be furnished with all the objects specially intended for the working population.

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