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Belgium - Expo Paris 1855

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The first trophy we encounter as we continue our tour is the beginning of Belgium. Here we see the sheets, casimirs and other woollen fabrics of the Belgian factory, remarkable for the cheapness of its products.

Opposite this trophy is a canopy of oak wood carved in the style of the 4th century. The Virgin with the Child Jesus, standing on the globe, also in carved wood, is seen in the middle. An altar, of carved oak wood, by Messrs Goyers frères, in Louvain, is next to it. Mr. Miesbach, from Vienna, whose terracottas won him a prize medal at the London exhibition, is next to this pulpit. Their merit is to make art ornaments available to everyone because of their cheapness. Next to it and on the right hand side, the same manufacturer has placed a pretty little fountain, also in terracotta, decorated with flowers. Children are holding jugs through which the water is to flow. A Dutch pulpit, by Messrs. Cuyper and Holgenberg, which is behind, will attract attention by the artistic execution of wooden sculptures. The Zi Evangelists adorn the panels of the pulpit. Space did not permit the display of the double staircase for the pulpit, which must be very pleasing, according to the drawing attached to the temporary staircase.

The second Belgian trophy is filled with church ornaments, lace and rich gold embroidery. Liège has displayed in the next showcase its famous firearms, whose perfection and cheapness have earned them a European reputation.

Opposite, a large mirror of the company of Floreffe, of a height of 5 m. 25 c. and a width of 2 m. 85, finishes the Belgian trophies.

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