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4th square (between columns 13 and 15) - Expo Paris 1855

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The fourth square behind the glassware trophy is occupied exclusively by glasses and crystals, which are distinguished above all by the great variety of shapes.

MM. Mougin frères, from the Vosges, are the first to be found, turning as always to the right, showing us fine moulded and cut glass. The crystals of Lyon and of this department of the Meurthe are next. Mr. Beker, of the latter department, exhibits paintings engraved on glass in the manner of Litophanes. The Descent from the Cross, after Rubens, is very well done, as well as the portraits of Napoleon I, Napoleon III and the Empress Eugénie. Messrs Burgun, Schwerer et Cie have in their collection two beautiful large vases in milk white; on the left, and very close to the door, spectacle glasses and watch glasses of very good quality.

The crystal and glass works of Pantin (department of the Seine), have among their objects two very elegant vases in white and blue, and next to them, one sees a lion in natural size, with a large boa constrictor (snake); the hairs of the lion, the scales of the snake, and all the flowers around, are made of glass, and exhibited by Mr. Lambourg of Saumur. Next door, Messrs. Moussier and Bouland exhibit bifocals of their own invention, for seeing near and far, without any movement or change of glasses. A showcase next to it contains a very beautiful basket filled with enamel flowers and various small objects made entirely of glass, and made by lamp by Mr. Pilon, a deaf-mute, who has never been apprenticed, and who invented some of the tools he uses. The small medallions of flowers, the thought at the bottom, will excite the admiration of the visitor.

The glassworks and crystal works of Baccarat occupy the whole side to which we come. A beautiful green and gilded cup adorns the middle, and two large cups of great elegance, the two ends; but what will be noticed most, are the suspended chandeliers, of a very beautiful execution, of a very pretty effect, especially those in green, pink and white.

MM. Launay, Haulen et Cie, who are responsible for the wholesale sale of the products of the Baccarat and Saint-Louis factories, have their stall between the two doors leading to the transept. The large blue cup in the middle, with rich gilding, and the two large blue chandeliers in the corners, can be seen.

In the middle and opposite this blue cup is the exhibition of the Saint-Louis crystal works, surrounded, like the trophy in the transept, by a balustrade of malachite crystal, i.e. a colour that imitates malachite.

Among his fine collection are milk and pink and milk and blue vases, of a very pretty effect, as well as two large crystal bowls on pink bases. Large green and blue chandeliers adorn the corners.

The right-hand side of the middle is occupied by Messrs Beaux, Duhoux et Cie, who exhibit the current articles of their factory.

The Clichy crystal factory (M. Maës) has the third side, and shows us among its objects two light blue vases and two other dark blue vases, with ornaments of gilt bronze, priced at 4,000 francs. We also noticed a magnificent crystal service for the Viceroy of Egypt.

The last side of the middle is filled with crystals from La Villette (at the gates of Paris), among which is a large ruby-coloured cup in the middle. Looking at the ruby colour, which is found in all French crystal, one will recall what we said about this colour in the Bohemian place.

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