Universal Exhibition of Agricultural, Industrial and Fine Arts Products - Paris 1855

Agriculture, Industry and Fine Arts

May 15, 1855 - November 15, 1855

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Egypt opens the series. In front of the balustrade there are two interconnected pavilions: the one on the left contains saddlery, gold embroidery and some silver filigree work; the one on the right, fabrics and a panoramic view of the Suez Isthmus and the planned canal. Behind them are two other pavilions, also connected, containing all kinds of wool, cotton and silk fabrics. From here one enters a square courtyard occupied by glassed-in racks: those in front contain the products of the soil, such as cereals and fruits, and mineral products such as sulphur, blue and copper; the racks behind contain a large number of books printed in Turkish and Arabic on all branches of literature. Further on there are two pavilions, the one on the left contains two magnificent tables and other objects made of yellow and white alabaster, the one on the right contains cloths, woollen fabrics, clay pipes and enormous ostrich eggs, etc. Finally, the pavilions leaning against the walls contain samples of raw cotton, wines, sugar, carpets, etc.

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