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China - Expo Paris 1855

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The space to the left of Turkey is occupied by a beautiful collection of Chinese products exhibited by the house of Alsème frères in Paris. The small pavilion at the front contains Indian shawls. At the back is a square filled with vases, cups, screens, chests, fans, scented matches and all the little and big trifles of Chinese luxury and life. The most remarkable items are a hollowed-out vase, made of lava stone and decorated with superb carvings, with an iron wood base (175 fr.); a five-tiered Chinese porcelain pavilion in one piece, a chased bronze perfume burner decorated with monsters (600 fr. ); a small screen with peacocks embroidered on silk, of extreme finesse, large painted glass screens, a tom-tom, an immense vase with an iron wood base (2,050 fr.); an enormous screen in red lacquer (1,800 fr.), blinds made of vegetal rushes and decorated with paintings, delightful cups in enamelled copper and covered on the outside with threads of bamboo plaited with extreme finesse.

Next to it is a beautiful pedestal table made of Japanese lacquer and inlaid with mother-of-pearl (1,200 fr.); the charming cups and enamelled copper objects also come from Japan. Further back, there is another large, richly carved ironwood pedestal table with a red marble top. On top of this is a Chinese pavilion made of ironwood and carved to match. Nearby, there is a square where a large number of vases, baskets, cups, etc. are displayed. A pair of huge vases with yellow bottoms is particularly noteworthy. A display case opposite contains shawls from India and China.

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