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Greece - Expo Paris 1855

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The space to the left of the Chinese exhibition is occupied by that of Greece, filling several pavilions painted in white and blue, the national colours of that kingdom. The front pavilion contains tanned leathers, shoes and a map of Greece, and at the back grey silks from Messinia, scarves, and coloured silk belts and ropes. A second pavilion, opposite the first, contains national objects and clothing, such as fez, capes, fustanelles, a goat's hair cloak, purses, bonnets, gold-embroidered shoes, handkerchiefs and cuffs embroidered in white and gold. A third pavilion contains women's clothing, including a Greek woman's costume, polkas and mantillas; and behind it, a Greek man's costume embroidered with gold, and samples of printing. Next to it are frames with photographs of the ancient monuments of the city of Athens. Underneath, there is a model of a frigate, 144 types of wood, and an album containing flowers collected in classical places.

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