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Tuscany - Expo Paris 1855

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Let us first examine the objects arranged along the wall in the boxes formed by the pillars. At the back of the first box, near the door, is a beautiful Montluçon mirror. In front of it is a beautiful painted and varnished pedestal table imitating marble and hard stones; then a marquetry table by Truci in Florence, and a superb carved shelf by Lambardi in Siena. The second lodge contains several pieces of veneered furniture by Romagnani in Pistoia,
furniture imitating Chinese lacquer, a carved sideboard by Lambardi and hard stone mosaic tables by Bianchini in Florence. The third room contains parquet floors in marquetry from Florence and a carved armchair by Mazzinghi in Florence. In the fourth, waxed cloths, terracotta objects and marble samples are displayed.

Opposite these boxes, there are several parallel aisles which we will now walk through. In the aisle opposite the third box, we see a superb candelabra in Prato serpentine, an Etruscan vase in scagliola, and a marquetry box. But first of all, we will stop in front of three bronze objects, by Papi, in Florence: one is a copy of Michelangelo's head of David (3,750 fr.), the other is a copy of Benvenuto Cellini's Perseus (8,400 fr.); in the middle is placed an aloes fructescens, also in bronze. On the square display and at the end of the aisle are the products of the porcelain factory of the Marquis Ginori, in Florence. There are several beautiful bas-reliefs in coloured porcelain, statuettes in biscuit of the illustrious men of Italy, and some good paintings, copies of Italian masters; next to these porcelains are the beautiful mosaics of the royal factory of Florence, among others a table of porphyry decorated with mosaic and hard stone. The aisle ends with an exhibition of admirable reproductions of ancient Italian majolica from Freppa in Florence.

In the parallel aisle, to the right of the previous one, are the straw hats and braids from Florence, several serpentine vases, a large cup also in serpentine from Prato, and a beautiful fireplace in yellow marble from Siena. In front of this aisle and close to the balustrade, you can see the spun cottons and grey silks and some letterpress prints from Florence. The parallel aisle on the right contains the fabrics, some porphyry vases and a beautiful agate alabaster bowl. In front of and opposite the balustrade are ropes, locks and earthenware.

To take the States of Italy together, we propose to visit now the exhibitions of the Ecclesiastical States and Sardinia, which are a few steps away.

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