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Portugal - Expo Paris 1855

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Portugal begins with a collection of marbles, in which some samples of transparent marbles are displayed.

In the next showcase, light silk fabrics. Around the hole that leads to the gallery below, samples of precious woods from this country, such as mahogany, Sico, Teca, cigars, etc. On the top, there are four small hand-embroidered paintings.

On the right hand side, mats, and a dozen boxes decorated with the arms of the King of Portugal and containing samples of snuff.

The second square contains the porcelain, which is distinguished by its very cheapness, and four very pretty statuettes in filigree. In the surrounding boxes, there is paper made of aloe, which is very strong.

In the front display case, which looks out on to the nave, are cotton cloths, umbrellas, etc., but the most remarkable objects in this case are a bouquet of flowers imitated from bird feathers, by the Late and Soare ladies of St. Michael's Island, and which is in the corner on the left hand, and other imitations of flowers made from the pith of the fig tree, by the Madruga ladies of the Azores Archipelago. A huge porcelain vase of the height of 1.5 m. is very remarkable as the first test of porcelain manufacture in Portugal, to produce vases of this size.

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