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Spain - Expo Paris 1855

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In the first display, we see sheets. Around the hole are samples of porcelain and earthenware pottery, with samples of the clay used.

On the sides, on the left, are laces and tulles remarkable for their cheapness, despite their good execution. On the left hand side, for example, there is a fine gold embroidery that costs only 25 francs a metre, a beautiful mantilla for 480 francs, etc.

The opposite side contains the usual articles of wool and cotton fabrics, well packaged and cheap. The designs are naturally adapted to the taste and habits of the consumers.

In the second display, we notice, first on the left hand, a very beautiful vase modelled in wax, a damascene sword decorated with chiselling and precious stones, church ornaments, and a beautiful silver writing case belonging to the Duke of Valencia, with the inscription: Al hombre de est ado honor y gloria. A standing lion stands on a beautiful pedestal surrounded by war trophies. A gold laurel wreath belonging to the Duke of Victory, and beside it a pretty little picadore, piquing the silver bull, will be noticed again. Continuing to the right, we see plaster bas-reliefs, reproductions of the Alhambra, and on the panel of the large square photographs ; very pretty paintings on porcelain representing the picturesque costumes of Valencia, and medallions in modelled wax representing fights, done with great perfection, and, above, the same medallions chiselled in iron. Two birds in relief, chiselled in iron, are also noteworthy. Next to this are some beautiful firearms, belonging to the King of Spain, damascened, and a hunting knife with sculpture.

In the middle are some pieces of furniture, including a secretary in wood marquetry and two pianos. On the front, Spain has spread out some very beautiful rich silk fabrics, velvets and chenilles. There is also a hanging white metal chandelier, with a small statuette of Christ in the middle, of a very nice effect.

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