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America - Expo Paris 1855

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In front of this part of the Belgian exhibition are some Central and South American states. The aisle immediately in front of Belgium belongs to New Grenada and Guatemala, represented by a fine collection of stuffed birds, soil products, palm mats, woolen carpets. To the right is a collection of mineral products from the Argentine Confederation, exhibited by the director of the Argentine Museum of Parana; to the left are some products from Brazil, among them a case containing the products of a palm tree, such as wood, faggots, ropes, candles, nuts, and braided objects. Further forward and in front of the gallery's balustrade is the exhibition of the Mexican Republic. Most notable is a rich collection of minerals sent from the oar school in Mexico City, followed by various kinds of vanilla, tobacco leaves and cigars, gold epaulets and embroidery, and a collection of books printed in Mexico. The showcase at the front contains, among other things, products of the soil, fruits, chocolates, colonial foodstuffs; finally a collection of insects and a beautiful collection of 46 species of birds, sent by the department of Vera-Cruz.

In front of the balustrade is placed a clock by M. Collin in Paris, serving as the normal clock of the Palais de l'Industrie: it has a large number of dials, indicating the hours in the different capitals of the earth, the quarters of the moon, the dates of the calendar, etc. Behind it and encroaching on part of the English galleries, are various musical instruments by French manufacturers, such as pianos, organs, melodiums by Alexandre in Paris; accordions, harmonicas, concerticas, music boxes, two church organs, and finally the Panharmonicon by M. Durgy in Paris, a cylinder organ working alone by mechanical means (45,000 fr ).

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