Universal Exhibition of Agricultural, Industrial and Fine Arts Products - Paris 1855

Agriculture, Industry and Fine Arts

May 15, 1855 - November 15, 1855

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Various samples of wood are presented first; then several showcases made of native wood and filled with shawls, cloths, cereals, samples of marble and a very pretty basket of wax flowers. The middle showcases contain the gold-bearing ores, which are a great attraction to visitors, and above all a gold ingot weighing 359 ounces, worth 36,250 francs, found at a depth of 140 feet. The stained glass windows of this staircase are from the Palace of Westminster and exhibited by Mr. Hardman. There are also some very fine imitation marbles, in wood, by Mr. Kershaw, and downstairs porcelain by Messrs. Minton, Daniell, Copeland and others.

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