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Great Britain - Expo Paris 1855

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The first exhibition on the ground floor, near the door, is that of Great Britain. The Colebrookdale Ironworks Company exhibits staircases, garden ornaments, railings, and other wrought iron objects. This is followed by a collection of United Kingdom irons of all kinds, exhibited by the Department of Trade and Commerce and supplied by all the iron districts of Great Britain. Saddlery and harness come next, followed by perfumery. In the right-hand aisle, under the gallery, are the hides and leather goods, and on the left is the collection of United Kingdom coals and anthracites, also on display by the Department of Trade. Continuing on, in the middle, we come to the English agricultural instruments. Here we find on the right hand the brick-making machine by Mr. Clayton, a flax-sowing machine by Mr. Robinson, and one for making tiles, bricks, drainpipes, etc., by Mr. Whitehead. Next came Mr. Shanks' horse-powered machine for mowing and rolling turf in a park, and Mr. Smith's wrought-iron tiller hoe. Mr. Garret exhibits a steam wheat threshing machine, a seed drill, a lever hoe, a rotary hoe, and a fertiliser spreader; on the left, another fertiliser spreader, by Mr. Chamber, and on the right, a harvesting machine, by Mr. Dray. This is followed by Mr. Croskill's harvesting machines, rollers, etc., and Mr. Ransomes' steam locomotive and other agricultural implements. This is followed by Mr. Hornsby's and Mr. Clayton's threshing and other machines, Mr. Howard's harrows, and other harrows, hoes, ploughs, etc.

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