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Switzerland, Netherlands - Expo Paris 1855

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From there, one enters Switzerland, in the centre of which are cotton spinning machines, billiards, and two superb relief maps of the Swiss cantons, with lakes, mountains, snow, villages and even chalets. A square box opens up next, under which luxury Swiss furniture is housed. Of particular note is the sideboard at the far right, made of painted wood with carvings of Swiss people from the time of William Tell.

After Switzerland comes the exhibition of the Netherlands, an exhibition which, apart from its pipes and tobacco, presents nothing remarkable but its immense trophy of the Dutch colonies. This trophy, which is exclusively agricultural, is surmounted by banners bearing the names of Java, Sumatra, Celebes, Trichinapally, etc. The trophy is made up of grains, vegetables, and fruits. The trophy is composed of grains, corn, sugar, oils, coffee, cottons, indigo, opium, but above all of magnificent specimens of wood, among which one will notice the weapons of chiefs, utensils, canoes, clothing and other objects in use among the natives of the colonial islands.

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