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Denmark - Expo Paris 1855

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The exhibits that follow the Dutch exhibit are those of two kingdoms contained in the same square: Denmark on the left, and Sweden on the right. The middle of the annex is divided between them in the same way: the side facing the left belongs to Denmark, the side facing the Cours-la-Reine to Sweden.

Above the table, on the left, are many specimens of agricultural tools. It is known that agriculture in these northern countries is very advanced, and has particular and very interesting processes: hoes, spades, forks offer special shapes. On the table, we see three systems of knives for cutting bread, scissors, ropes for spinning, then various very delicately executed agricultural models and the model of a machine for sowing wheat; this three-wheeled machine is driven by a single horse. This three-wheeled machine is driven by a single horse and is on display at the Copenhagen Polytechnic, together with a model of a straw chopping machine, which is next door. Next to it is a model of a machine that can make 5,000 nails per hour, with a product card, then a rye bread cutting machine, then samples of glassware at the left end of the table. At the right end of the same table is a frame containing specimens of Danish card games, stearic candle, mustard, wax, soaps, chemicals, hair and wool.

In front, on the middle side of the annex, agricultural implements, a plough, an oat-crushing machine, etc.; then continuing, in the middle of the annex, a number of other items. Then, continuing in the middle, on the same side, there is a safe from Homburg, cast iron, a lovely double American car made of yellow wood, painted blue, also from Homburg; then finally, a small display case which ends this part and contains 15 species of stuffed birds from the vicinity of Gothemburg, from small one-inch night birds to two-foot owls

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