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On a table placed on the left, parallel to that of Denmark, one sees first of all samples of locksmith's trade, then, of ores and straw, and weapons hung in trophies whose wood is veined of various shades, then spades, agricultural instruments and mineralogy. In the centre, opposite, are specimens of iron chains, naval anchors, stoves, at the foot of which are sacks of grain and oats. Still following the centre line, one encounters three elegant sledges for travelling through the ice of this country, covered with the furs of bears and northern beasts.

Under the gallery covered by the first floor are exhibited sugars, slates, minerals, agricultural products, hides, then a model of a Swedish medical gymnastics establishment, with boards to demonstrate the exercises of the pupils-finally skins, cigars and sugar fruits, and samples of stearic candle from the factory of St. Clare, in Stockolm.

©Promenades dans l'exposition de 1855