Baden, Bavaria, Württemberg - Expo Paris 1855

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In the centre of the Baden exhibition is a Murh apparatus for distillations and decoctions. On the right, fire pumps; under the vault, herbariums filled with various species of tobacco, as specimens of the culture of the Rhine provinces. On the left are Baden leathers and Württemberg paint tablets, with specimens of their application; then a Bavarian distilling apparatus, papers and leathers from Munich. On the left, along the wall facing the quay, chemical apparatus of Dr. Marh, of Heillbronn, and next to it, hydrogen welding machines. In the centre, samples of coal from the Schwartz market (Bavaria-Rhine), which supplies the Rhine railways; on the right and left, Saxon coal. Next come candles from Munich in the centre, then on the right an elegant guilloche machine from Pforzheim. The passage is then occupied by a high pyramid of scythes and other steel instruments from the famous Württemberg forges. To the right is an exhibition of zinc from the Old Mountain; finally, to round off these collective exhibits, samples of sandstone and millstones from the Württemberg mills; then furs, tobaccos and soaps from the Mass.

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