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After the French machines come those from Belgium. Along the wall are placed the spinning machines. In the middle you can see the 18th century reduction of a machine that lowers the workers in the mines and for the extraction of coal; it is made by Mr. Warocqué, in Mariemont. Further on are various railway devices, then a stamping machine for the State stamp, by Mr. Wynants, near Brussels, a wool carding machine, by Mr. Fairon, in Vervins. The Saint-Léonard company, in Liège, exhibited a six-wheeled locomotive.
Next to it is a device for exchanging railway dispatches between high-speed convoys.
Next come the machines of the John Cockerill company in Séraing, namely: a locomotive, Engerlh system; tested on the Northern Railway, it pulled a convoy of 46 wagons, weighing 670 tons, with a speed of 26 kilometres per hour and on ramps of up to 5 millimetres. Next to the same establishment is a stern with wrought iron rudder for one of the 2,000 ton ships being built for the Antwerp Transatlantic Company; the stern weighs 9,613 kilograms, the shaft 6,129 kilograms.

Turning to the left, we see in the middle a locomotive of Messrs. Zaman, Sabatier et Cie in Brussels; composing and distributing machines for typography, of M. Delcambre, in Brussels; a page clamp for printing, of M. Mackintosh, in Brussels; a printing machine, of M. Mackintosh, in Brussels; a printing machine, of M. Delcambre, in Brussels; a printing machine, of M. Mackintosh, in Brussels; a printing machine, of M. Mackintosh, in Brussels. Mackintosh, Brussels; a portable press for lithography and stamps, by Mr. Jeslein, Brussels; various spinning machines; a steam engine with oscillating cylinders, by Mr. Lestor-Stordeur; a ventilator for mine ventilation, by Mr. Fabry in Charleroi. On the side of the wall, one notices: a machine for splitting wool, from Mr. Laoureux in Verviers; machines and devices for sugar refineries, and a vertical motor machine of 12 horsepower, from Messrs. Cail, Halot and C', in Brussels; devices for distilleries fromM. Guyl and M. Delattre, in Brussels.

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