International Exposition of Zaragoza 2008 - Expo 2008

Water and sustainable development

June 14, 2008 - September 14, 2008

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Aragon Pavilion

Aragon Pavilion at the Exhibition Expo Zaragoza 2008

© Philippe Lemaire

The gigantic basket is not just one of the exhibition's focal points. It will undoubtedly be the space that will attract the pride of the people of Aragon and, according to calculations, one of the most visited areas: one and a half million people are expected. The building is prepared to handle a flow of 1,000 people per hour, who will be moved through the different areas using lifts.
To facilitate circulation, the public will enter the building through a single entrance and use another to leave. In this way, visitors will enter directly to the second floor, where the exhibition 'Aragon: Water and Life' will provide them with a basic knowledge of the Community.
Within it Aragon and its 32 associated brands are represented and this is summarised in five videos, each lasting four minutes. These are combined with an exhibition of Aragonese heritage works and a photographic exhibition. A multimedia show that bears the brilliant signature of Carlos Saura. Aragon, water and the future, helps to get the message of the pavilion across. The star room has water as an integrating element, to the point of having designed a one-way bed eight centimetres deep that runs through the entire floor and is saved with walkways.
An enveloping sensation is created on three gigantic screens 25 metres wide and 7 metres high with images that are also reflected in the attic and in the facades, suitably covered with reflective panels.
There are three important dates: June 20, the day of the comarques, a day when the leaders of the 32 Aragonese comarques will meet in an institutional act. The following day will be the great moment for the Aragonese in what is called the Diaspora, represented by centres and Aragonese Communities abroad. The Government of Aragon wants to pay tribute to them. The 22nd of June will be the most important day, as the Aragon Day will take place. This celebration will not coincide with other official events and will be the most important during the gala that is planned at the Palacio de Congresos.

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