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Water tower - Expo Zaragoza 2008

Water tower at the Exhibition Expo Zaragoza 2008
© Philippe Lemaire

The journey through the Water Tower allows us to have another vision of the world: water can be felt through vision, hearing, touch and imagination. The water floods the whole building, which is at the same time a hostel and a lighthouse, night and day, a body and a crystal skeleton. This vertical pavilion, which is one of the emblems of the Expo, offers a spectacular ascending route that ends in an impressive viewpoint from which the visitor can contemplate the entire Ranillas meander. The Tower houses the 'Water for Life' exhibition, an open exhibition that allows the viewer to create their own discourse. It is located between the basement and the tower and takes advantage of the design and new audio-visual technologies to create an experience that is lived through your five senses. In the basement, the content 'The nature of water' gives a horizontal vision divided into several departments: 'Water'. Planet Water', 'Blue Landscapes', 'We Are Water'. The Magic of Water' and 'The Cycles of Water'. In the central hall there is a large sculpture called 'Rain Fountain' which represents the water cycle.
In the tower, three large flat screens show a film that emphasises the importance of water for life. The proposal of this exhibition, under the cultural dimension of the resource being evaluated, is also orchestrated in departments: 'Water for Life', 'Water in the Mind', 'Splash' and 'Cloud'. In this case, the centre of the room is occupied by the large sculpture 'Splash', which reflects the dynamic moment when your forces act on a drop of water and divide it into infinitely many smaller drops of water.
The Water Tower, with its empty interior, has a double concept: day and night. During the day, it shows its transparency through a glazed body and through the space created by its external parasols. Fluidity and dynamism. A changing and different perception from every point of view.
At night, the building is illuminated and transformed into a luminous beacon, reaching its maximum expressiveness with the continuous oscillation of the lighting effects. On the top floor, the Cloud Bar closes the exhibition. A semi-diaphanous plant with 21 square metres of counter space in a 600 square metre consumption area. It has been designed as a viewpoint with impressive panoramic views of the enclosure and the whole city of Zaragoza.

© Exposicion International Zaragoza 2008