International Exposition of Zaragoza 2008 - Expo 2008

Water and sustainable development

June 14, 2008 - September 14, 2008

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Tunisia at the Exhibition Expo Zaragoza 2008

© Philippe Lemaire

Tunisia, a Mediterranean country that is also the gateway to the desert. The management of water by the different civilisations that have populated its territory and the relationship that the country has with the environment are the main themes of the exhibition in its tent at Expo Zaragoza 2008. Access to the tent is through an oasis with a water source, palm trees, emblematic trees for Tunisians, and troglodyte caves that invite meditation. In short, an image of the relationship of peoples with their natural environment. The space then opens up to the country's new tourist attractions: thalassotherapy, cultural tourism, Saharan tourism...
Of particular note is the source sculpture by the artist Sadika Keskes, the first female glassblower. Distribution d'eaux' is made up of blocks of blown glass which, welded together, are connected by the movement of the water that flows through them. The cobalt blue recalls the intense blues of the Mediterranean. The exhibition ends in a space that merges with the real atmosphere of a medina, where you can taste Tunisian cakes, honey and almonds and buy a wide range of typical Tunisian handicrafts, from pottery to perfumes with herbs and flowers.

© Exposicion International Zaragoza 2008