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Philippines at the Exhibition Expo Zaragoza 2008
© Philippe lemaire

The pavilion of the Republic of the Philippines evokes the reality of an archipelago through a bold and avant-garde concept. Convinced that this reality can be translated into a unique way of thinking and designing the future, the Filipinos have created a metaphor for decentralised water management, emphasise biological and cultural diversity and perceive water as a means of communication. The design of the pavilion is based on an extensive network of bilateral and multilateral cross-references between the many environmental activities and government action, and also includes the arts and sciences. The presentation is a pleasant combination of audio-visual projections, sound documents and handicrafts. The videos present ten stories related to water resource management in the Philippines over the past decades. These stories show how Filipinos have adapted to international standards of good practice. In addition, the audiovisual production highlights the strength of independent filmmaking in the country. Similarly, the musical accompaniments highlight the importance of Filipino music, which is heard around the world. The Philippine Travel Café and the spa will ensure that the visit ends on a harmonious and peaceful note.

© Exposicion International Zaragoza 2008