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Saudi Arabia - Expo Zaragoza 2008

Saudi Arabia at the Exhibition Expo Zaragoza 2008
© Philippe Lemaire

Under the motto Elements of Progress. The Source of Sustainable Development, Saudi Arabia presents its pavilion in the Expo with the aim of leading visitors to a unique experience, a scene that reflects and shows the Asian kingdom. Its people, culture, tradition, nature and technological development welcome the visitor, showing how the country manages its natural resources. The entrance presents two areas: the Saudi Land, which offers visitors a mainly visual experience of the country, and Zamzam, the sacred spring which is the scene of events that are the origin of the Arab people. Four towers reminiscent of the clay tower, modern towers, minarets and water towers create an interesting and evocative experience, while the large space acts as the main axis of the exhibition, transforming into an oasis, a seascape, a desert landscape, an agricultural landscape or a water landscape through the use of audiovisual means.

© Exposicion International Zaragoza 2008