Zaragoza - Expo Zaragoza 2008

Zaragoza at the Exhibition Expo Zaragoza 2008
© Philippe Lemaire

That all the citizens of Zaragoza feel represented in the pavilion. This was the objective of the City Council of the municipality during the installation of its pavilion in the Expo, located in the 'Rios' building. The Zaragoza pavilion is designed as a module integrated into an exhibition circuit that runs through the central area of the Expo on two levels. In this way, the relationship with the visitor is an integral experience, from the reception in a welcome room that serves as a transition between the excess heat and the brightness of the exterior to the beginning of the enjoyment of the pavilion.
This first room, the 'Welcome and Bells', is a reception area symbolising the welcome of the city, an educational space in which children, young people and adults can relax and relate to each other, getting informed and preparing for the visit. The visit continues with the 'ludium', a multi-purpose room surrounded by booths and bars and a system of mobile chairs, a room open to the participation of various artists from Zaragoza, neighbourhood associations and organisations from the city. The bars and booths that surround this space are conceived as an assimilation of the Aragonese 'tapeo' culture. The 'ludium' space gives access to the most symbolic and representative space of the exhibition: a room dedicated to water.
Here the visitor finds purification, rehydration and a good atmosphere with games, readings by poets, storytelling workshops and water bowls to cool off. The pavilion's farewell is in the model and projection room, where a vertical model of the city of Zaragoza measuring more than 100 square metres shows, in the manner of a 21st century frieze, how our city embraces the river. In addition, there are digital projections showing the city of Zaragoza in the future, a city that is more open than ever to the future and the world.
Away from the pavilion is the protocol room, which is separated from the rest of the building, as a ceremonial place where the mayor and the City Council can receive their most important visitors. The most important day for the pavilion will be celebrated on 7 September, the Day of Zaragoza in the Expo and the twinning with your participants.

© Exposicion International Zaragoza 2008