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Acciona - Expo Zaragoza 2008

Acciona at the Exhibition Expo Zaragoza 2008
© Philippe Lemaire

The design of the Acciona Pavilion is based on the pattern of a spiral, one of the most common forms in nature, a spiritual symbol of strength, growth and revolution. The overall concept of the Pavilion also aims to link three key elements: Earth, Water and Air. During the visit, the viewer will be able to become aware of the problems derived from the current life model, as well as the need to work together to achieve change. The Earth Zone is a space articulated by a sculpture with a strong visual presence and an echo that extends along one of the walls of the room. The piece is structured from a fault through which emerge elements that refer to a fossil remnant belonging to our civilization, which is characterized by the unlimited production of waste. The Water Zone is an interactive space designed to amuse and surprise the spectator. It is a virtual and enveloping environment that submerges the spectator in an imaginary world where every action has an immediate effect. The walls and the floor of the room become canvases of sound and light that change according to the actions of the audience. The main objective of this Installation is to make the visitor aware of the need to cooperate and act together to achieve great changes in our surroundings. The Air Zone presents an ethereal landscape, constructed from oxygen bubbles that rise to the surface, presenting the alternatives promoted by Acciona to ensure a better future.

© Exposicion International Zaragoza 2008