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Telefonica des Arts - Expo Zaragoza 2008

Telefonica des Arts at the Exhibition Expo Zaragoza 2008
© Philippe Lemaire

Telefonica has dedicated itself to the Expo. Not only is it the sponsor of the exhibition, but it also provides state-of-the-art telephone systems to the state-owned company Expoagua. All of its infrastructure and the most advanced technologies are at the service of companies and visitors. Thanks to Telefonica, long queues will not be a problem. On the contrary. The technology will make waiting more pleasant. All visitors who enter with a PDA will be able to download all the information on the participating countries, multimedia games and take part in various attractive interactive games. Others will be able to use dynamic screens to make the most of their day. The system, set up by one of the world's leading telecommunications companies, is ambitious and offers the best services on the market. Visitors with electronic agendas, thanks to Telefonica's agreement with the Zaragoza City Council, can receive virtual guides to the city and useful information about the capital of Aragon. Telefonica is bringing technology to the exhibition and will spread it in its avant-garde stand of latest generation telephony, networks and systems, in which interactivity and user participation is a constant. The company is not forgetting, moreover, that technological development must always be compatible and adapted to sustainability criteria, which will be verified in Ranillas.

© Exposicion International Zaragoza 2008