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Morocco - Expo Paris 1878

Morocco at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1878

Morocco exhibits carpets, fabrics, weapons, pottery, musical instruments, oriental bimbeloterie, brightly coloured fabrics; but the main attraction, though a childish one, was the double tent, known as the Emperor of Morocco's tent, erected in the middle of the section. This tent, that is to say the outer tent, is made of camel hair fabric in various colours and decorated with applications of cotton fabric of equally varied colours. Inside, couches covered with thick carpets reign all around; these carpets, like the rest, are of a great variety of shades. In the middle, the inevitable smoker's paraphernalia.

Next to this tent is a practising slipper-maker, whom some of his companions seem to regard with attention, though in truth they are as little interested in the shoemaker's work as he is.

If we recall this memory, it is in order to give the reader some details about Moroccan music, it is Mr. Weber who speaks:
"One is a harmonica with nineteen wooden planks, and of a rather crude construction: the other is a drum of an inordinate length; the instrument is suspended from the wall; it is the strings with which it is equipped to stretch a skin that make me suppose that it is a drum. The shape is somewhat conical; the width of the upper part is about 20 centimetres; the length of the instrument is about 2 metres. If it is indeed a drum, it is likely to be used horizontally. The third Moroccan instrument is a small clepsydra-shaped drum.

the moroccan exhibition.

The Moroccan exhibition is not long to visit.
The government has sent most of the exhibits, namely: a piece of furniture inlaid with ivory, pottery, ancient jewellery, ancient weapons, among others a hammer cutter, then samples of raw feathers, waxes, resins, panther skins, Sudan cottons, worked camel hair, silks, tanned and dyed leather, types of boats, samples of cereals, floury plants, ordinary potatoes and sweet apples, and finally spices.
All this, as we can see, is not very extraordinary.

One individual sent costumes of men, women and children made of camel hair.

This piques the curiosity, but it does not offer any other interest.

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