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Luxembourg - Expo Paris 1878

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This grand duchy, whose territory is 2,507 square kilometres, has a population of 205,158 inhabitants.

Let us first say in praise of the Grand Duchy that information is admirably organised and that this population, although not very large, has at its disposal 638 schools, of which 632 are permanent.

Among the industries of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, we must mention the earthenware factory of Messrs. Villeroy and Bolh, at Sept-Fontaines; this company has managed to create a clientele throughout Europe.

Then there is the wool industry, which represents an annual market value of about five million francs, followed by the dyeing of fabrics and cottons, hosiery and finally glove-making.

The extractive industry currently accounts for 1,400,000 tonnes of mining, cast iron and cast iron pottery production.

The vineyards of Luxembourg are appreciated at their value and constitute a wealth for the country.

A real curiosity of this exhibition is to be found on the left of the staircase - a plan of the Luxembourg fortress as it was when it was evacuated by the Prussian garrison in 1867 following the London Conference, i.e. before it was dismantled.

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