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Salvador - Expo Paris 1878

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The Republic of El Salvador also has many precious materials on its territory, which explains its prosperity.

Let us say in passing that trade in El Salvador is absolutely free.

The main products are: wood, such as cedar, robinia, capinol, mangle, salamo; plants for dyeing, such as anil, achiote, amarilla; medicinal plants, such as escoba, ipecacuana, guaco.

El Salvador exports a lot of coffee, indigo, sugar, rice, balsam, tobacco and rubber.

El Salvador also exports hats, leather goods, basketry, silk and cotton fabrics.

The mining industry produces silver sulphides, silver lead, gold sulphides, nitrates of potash, carbonates of lime, etc.

In addition to the specimens of the products we have listed above, there are also samples of tobacco and cigars.

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