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Colonnades at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1878
Architect(s) : Gabriel-Jean-Antoine Davioud, Jules Bourdais

One enters the palace from the Place du Roi de Rome; the façade on this side does not have, and this was forced, the great tone of the façade facing the Champ de Mars; however, it is not without grandeur.

One enters through two peristyles, one on the right and the other on the left of the main entrance hall; these peristyles are supported by columns of Jura marble.

On each of these peristyles open the semicircular galleries which are devoted to various exhibitions; in the one on the right, the retrospective exhibition is installed.

Let's go forward for a moment and contemplate the truly imposing effect of the two colonnades. These one hundred and ten Corinthian columns are of great majesty and give the monument a very pure and severe Greek character.

©Les Merveilles de l'Exposition de 1878