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Festival Hall - Expo Paris 1878

Festival Hall at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1878
Architect(s) : Gabriel-Jean-Antoine Davioud, Jules Bourdais

Nine doors, opening onto the circular corridors and corresponding to each of the windows, serve as entrances and exits.

The hall is 31 metres high and 45 metres in diameter; the stands, instead of protruding, are set into the wall, like church stands, and are located in rows under each of the nine bays.

Below the stands the tiers of seats begin, which stop at a certain point to make way for a string of boxes, and then immediately resume below them, descending to the level of the hall.

At the back, an elegant stage, of original shape, can contain at least four hundred musicians.

Above the platform is a twelve-metre high organ by M. Cavailhé-Coll.

The ceiling of the hall must in turn attract our attention; it is speckled with fanciful stars, it is speckled with fleurons; all this is painted delicately, with a sobriety that denotes the meticulous care with which we have tried to avoid garish colours, in other words, everything that is in bad taste; what we say here applies not only to the Trocadero, but to the entire exhibition, where taste presides everywhere, and we are well assured that no one will contradict us.

Finally, let us mention a large composition which decorates the pediment and which is due to the brush of M. Charles Lemeire. The subject is: Harmonious France attracting the other nations to herself.

All the nations are represented here, it goes without saying; Russia can be seen in the attitude of the warrior putting his sword back into its sheath. The allegory is well understood and the painting is in good style.

On both sides of the festival hall are the two rooms reserved for congresses and public meetings.

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