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Tunisia - Expo Paris 1878

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The Tunisian exhibition is more complete than the previous ones; but the products it exhibits are very similar in kind to those we have just seen.
Let us say however that the exhibition opens in an interesting way. First of all, in class 7, which deals with secondary education, we find a notice on the Sadicki College, and also works by its students.

In the same class we find the catalogue of the library of the mosque of Djema-Zitoun.

The photograph reproduces views of the antiquities of Tunisia, including the Roman aqueduct that supplied Carthage.

Let us pass the furniture and the potteries, and arrive at the tapestries; there are some admirable ones; the bey of Tunis, in particular, exhibited splendid carpets of Kaïrouan.

The bey of Tunis, in particular, has exhibited splendid carpets from Kairouan. These oriental carpets are truly marvellously beautiful.

Then come goldsmiths, perfumeries with their oils, their pastilles from the seraglio, their perfumes to be burned, and all that precious but too flashy bimbeloterie, which is the joy of the Orientals.

They are nothing but toiletries, small pieces of furniture, small boxes, pipe stems, all painted, decorated, inlaid with gold, silver, ivory, etc., etc.
The fabrics, for example, are of great beauty; the camel-hair burnous exhibited by the bey is also of great beauty.

The silks are out of line; we do not wish to disparage the laces, but we like them less.

As for the jewellery, however precious the stones, however rich the ornamentation, we will reproach them as we do the goldsmiths.

What we will admire frankly are the magnificent corals and ostrich feathers of class 43.

We can only mention the fruit and tobacco from the East; a mention, however, to the Arab beehive exhibited by the bey.

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