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Asia I - Expo Shanghai 2010

Asia I at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
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The Asia I collective pavilion includes the pavilions of Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Maldives, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Timor-Leste

Bangladesh pavilion

At the entrance to the pavilion, a colourful traditional Bangladeshi design draws the world's attention.

Inside, a small sculpture typical of the country, a group of photos of the new city district in contrast to a model of the traditional building, suggest the dialogue between tradition and the future of the country.

- The wall of customs and habits is decorated with typical photos of the nation.

- The restaurant area offers real food from the country.

Kyrgyzstan Pavilion

The pavilion takes the form of a yurt, a symbol of the harmonious cohabitation of the nomadic ethnic group and nature.

The pavilion highlights the harmonious factors in the urban culture of the capital city of Bishkek: a well-industrialised city is also a better-forested, more liveable city.

The cultural history, customs and traditions of the nation are presented and the history of the harmonious development of the country's economy, culture and tourism is told.

- The exhibition includes "Bishkek, a commercial, cultural and tourist centre", "Time available as a measure of economic and social development" and "The mountainous region, towns of the country".

- The exhibits show the change and success of the capital during the economic and social transition, as well as other features of the country's urban development, the settlements of the mountain region.

- On the national day, actors in folk costume will perform a dance show.

Maldives pavilion

Over the past ten years, the Maldives has become a model of tourism and environmental protection from its scattered islands in the Indian Ocean.

Multi-tourism and fishing are the pillars of its urban development.

The pavilion presents the country's culture, art, tourism, environment, fisheries and urbanization; on this basis, it describes how the country will combine its industries with its cultural transmission and environmental protection, and the country's bright future.

- The exotic decor and exhibits show the sunny waters and original customs.

- Seafood products reveal the rich resources of Maldivian fisheries.

Mongolia Pavilion

In the centre of the pavilion is a giant dinosaur egg and two model skeletons and a wooden tent. This exhibition is original.

The city is compared to the "fragile egg", which means that the urban development of humanity is based on a good ecological balance.

- Groups of young model dinosaurs and a lot of pictures give a lot of information about dinosaur eggs.

- Visitors can try out life in the wooden tent, a typical architecture of the nomads of ancient times, without any nails but easy to move or settle.

Tajikistan Pavilion

Tajikistan, concentrating more than 60% of the water resources of the Central Asian region, is rich in hydroelectric resources.

In the pavilion, Tajikistan's water resources are presented by rockery and waterfall, you will feel as if you are in nature under the backdrop of fake hunted mountains and real waterfall.

The history and buildings of Tajikistan are shown by models respectively, expressing the work and life of the people in this mountainous country.

- Photos are presented in the pavilion to show the artistic works of Tajikistan, as well as the success in city building in recent years and the friendly communication with neighbouring countries.

- The pavilion is equipped with a wooden frame with chairs for visitors to rest.

Timor-Leste pavilion

The Lospalos-style roof, the carved wooden door, the already processed palm leaves and all kinds of handicrafts make the Timor-Leste pavilion different from the others.

Inside, the lights on all sides and the change of light-darkness and tone show the natural landscapes, the scenes of life and leisure of the country and its harmonious development.

- Inside, the high-tech means show visitors a beautiful day in the country: from the beautiful dawn, the bright sun at noon to the sunset. People work when the sun rises; they rest when the sun sets. The land is cultivated, fishing is done, life is simple and gentle.

- All kinds of handicrafts such as wood and stone carvings are on display.

- It is advisable to attend the folkloric song and dance performances of the country.

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