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North Korea - Expo Shanghai 2010

North Korea at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
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The exhibition brings together the ethnic specialities and modern beauties of the country. The pavilion's exterior is decorated with the designs of the national flag and the statue of Chollima.

The Juche Idea Monument, the Taedong River, the pavilion, the rockery and the cellar are the main features of the exhibition, which presents the ancient and modern customs of Pyongyang, the beautiful scenery, the original culture and the achievements in education, science, culture and sports, and the high-tech facilities.

- The model of the Juche Idea Monument, which is 4.5 metres high, is placed in the pavilion.

- A stream of water flowing over the grounds symbolizes the Taedong River.

- In the cellars you will find a world heritage, the mural painting of the tombs of the ancient period. At the entrance, the drawings of morals are on display for visitors.

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