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India - Expo Shanghai 2010

India at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
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The pavilion's portal, square and central vault are inspired by the Indian Siddi Syed Temple, RanPur Palace and Sanchi Pagoda respectively. The journey through ancient and modern cities perfectly reflects the theme "City and Harmony". Visitors can, through images of a "time-space tunnel", travel to ancient India, medieval India and modern India to feel the traditional Indian culture, the diverse religious beliefs, the development of traditional and modern technologies and the fusion of city and country.

Hong Kong Pavilion Theme: Boundless Indian city, diverse religious beliefs.

- Materials such as solar panel, windmill, herbaceous plants and bamboo and wood are used to achieve a "chemical-free" design.

- The "Indian Fair" offers traditional Indian cuisine. The shopping centre displays and sells local Indian specialities.

- Typical Indian cultural and artistic performances are staged in the arena.

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