World Expo 2010 Shanghai - Expo 2010

Better city, better life

May 1, 2010 - October 31, 2010

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Israel at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010

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Architect(s) : Haim Dotan

The pavilion consists of the two profiling buildings as two hands in a circle.

The three zones present the idea of "Innovation and Future".

In the "Whispering Garden", visitors can talk to nature.

In the "Hall of Lights", one can engage in a conversation with the history of the Jews.

In the "Innovation Hall", the glowing sphere floating in three-dimensional space presents Israel's achievements in scientific and technological innovation.

- The 54 orange trees growing in the "Garden of Susurration" present the drip irrigation technique and the agricultural style.

- The "Innovation Room" focuses on contemporary techniques.

- A mysterious "capsule" is presented here, which is a mini camera. After being swallowed, it can film the inside of the human body to perform a painless experiment.

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