Oman - Expo Shanghai 2010

Oman at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© mollysteven

The pavilion, which is like an Arabian sailing ship, is an integral whole with buildings, paths, reforestation system and space.

The blue glass on the outside is reminiscent of the beautiful front of the traditional ancient ship and reflects the panorama of the ancient city Nizwa and the port city Sohar.

Here we find the ancient city of Oman, the desert city, the city of mountains and rivers, the coastal city and the capital Muscat as well as the blue city which will be formed in 2020.

- The story "Voyage of the Sailor Sinbad" guides visitors on a journey through the myth: from Sohar to Muscat, then to the blue city of 2020, and finally leaving Oman for Shanghai on a "magic carpet".

- Here, visitors can experience the varied topography of Oman, while admiring the landscapes of the beach, the mountainous region and the desert.

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