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Saudi Arabia - Expo Shanghai 2010

Saudi Arabia at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
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The urbanisation of Saudi Arabia has been at an unprecedentedly rapid pace.

The pavilion takes its inspiration from the desert oases, and is characterised by a 'moon boat' suspended in the air, which forms a lush aerial garden in typical desert style.

The "In the Boat" room inside the pavilion presents an overview of Saudi Arabia's geography, population, history and politics, focusing on four types of cities: the energy city, the oasis city, the ancient cultural city and the new economy city, revealing that water, oil and knowledge are the primary elements for Saudi Arabia's urban development.

Inside is also an IMAX 3D cinema with an area of two basketball courts. Visitors are surrounded by a 1600m2 screen from all directions. And they can walk freely on the path suspended in the air inside the cinema.

The pavilion has no doors or windows and is therefore not directly illuminated by the sun's rays, but these are transformed into light energy and used to light the interior of the building.

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