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New Zealand - Expo Shanghai 2010

New Zealand at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
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The pavilion, like a cloud or flying wings, signifies that New Zealand is a 'land under the cloud'. The construction of the pavilion involves the important elements of New Zealand such as culture, landscape and humanity. The original design of the pavilion with its roof garden reflects the natural beauty of New Zealand and the innovative spirit of its people.

- In the reception area, visitors can enjoy the Maori dance performed by New Zealand's primitive people and the Maori totem pole.

- The 112m long multimedia gallery presents "A Day in the Life of a New Zealand Family".

- The special effects team from the film "King of Rings" presents a panoramic impression of New Zealand using amazing audio-visual techniques.

- Visitors can enjoy the pavilion's treasure - a 1.8t jade - face to face.

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