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World Trade Center Association (WTCA) - Expo Shanghai 2010

World Trade Center Association (WTCA) at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
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The colour of the pavilion changes from azure to green, creating a harmonious and natural atmosphere. The first part of the pavilion is the "World Trade" which presents the natural resources of different cities and regions of the world and their cultures. The 2nd part "Points of Trade Development" presents the history of the international trade centres already established. The 3rd part "Knowing World Trade" allows visitors to learn about the plans, projects and dreams on trade development of different regions and cities with the help of the interactive computer.

- Visitors can see the real commercial and handicraft objects from all over the world to know the world trade and urban culture.

- Famous scholars and experts are invited to give lectures, which are transmitted on the official website of the association, realizing the online participation of people who are not present, thus realizing the principle of the association to promote limitless trade.

- The pavilion organises exchange activities and forums.

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