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Singapore - Expo Shanghai 2010

Singapore at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Kimon Berlin
Architect(s) : Kay Ngee Tan Architects

The pavilion looks like a musical box to be opened. Visitors can hear soft music coming from the pavilion. The different shaped rooms in the pavilion are connected to the stairs by a gentle slope. The musical fountain, the audiovisual interaction and the roof garden reflect the perfect harmony of the city and nature, as well as the innovative spirit and pluralistic culture of Singapore.

- A 600m2 column-free hall is located on the 1st floor, and the 3 arenas here of different sizes project video performances of popular Singaporean actors.

- The slotted wall and cold water pool surrounding the central area on the ground floor can effectively regulate the temperature. At night, dazzling lights scatter through the windows and slits on the wall, making the "musical box" more charming.

- Fishes circulate in the cold water pool. Visitors can step into the pool to experience "fish therapy".

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