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Thailand - Expo Shanghai 2010

Thailand at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
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The red and gold pavilion highlights the Thai style by merging classical elements in traditional Thai architecture and art as well as in the Thai way of life. The 3 rooms "Harmonious Journey", "Harmony in Diversity" and "Harmony Creates Happiness" present, with the help of audio-visual techniques, the Thai history and cultural process as well as their evolution in globalization.

- The "Harmonious Journey" takes visitors back in time to learn about the way of life in the archaic Siamese era and tells the story of the river life and the multiplication of the Thai people with the help of exhibits.

- The "Harmony in Diversity" room presents the interaction of urban and rural communities and their long-term friendly relations with other countries, and shows the Thai people's love of peace and harmony.

- The "Harmony Creates Happiness" room reflects the Thai way of life: to advocate simplicity and to be content.

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