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Algeria - Expo Shanghai 2010

Algeria at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Kimon Berlin

The old Algerian quarter, urban architectural heritage, Kasbah constitutes the form of the pavilion. It is a traditional Algerian and North African style. Visitors can walk through the imitated "streets", enjoy the documentary entitled "a walk in Kasbah", and then climb up to the top floor of the city' to have a panoramic view of the streets passed through, to experience a traditional and modern Algeria.

- Two traditional arched doors side by side on both sides of the "streets", a large screen transmits information about modern "*W^ cities in Algeria.

- With a panoramic view from the top floor, the Kasbah-style roof projects documentaries, telling the story of Algerians' hope for the future and their determination to develop emerging cities.

- The exhibition space under the Kasbah roof is abstract in style, incorporating the imagination of Algerians about the future.

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