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Austria - Expo Shanghai 2010

Austria at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Kimon Berlin
Architect(s) : SPAN & ZEYTINOGLU Architects

From a distance, the pavilion appears to be a guitar that lies on its back, its exterior and interior decoration bearing elements of porcelain, suggesting the "Chinese porcelain" exported to Europe is returning to its native country. Walking through five exhibition spaces, one will have the impression of discovering the fantastic natural aspects of Austria in person, from mountains to forests and meadows, from valleys to cities.

- 64 projectors and more than a million slides played repeatedly will contribute to a sensual journey that will engage the eyes, ears and touch of visitors.

- Inside, one can admire the classics of Strauss and Mozart, the rural music of the country, the avant-garde music show...

- The walls of the pavilion take on a fantastic and unimaginative appearance.

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