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Bosnia and Herzegovina - Expo Shanghai 2010

Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Kimon Berlin

The pavilion space is shaped like the number 8, with a strong impression of steps. The handicraft production area, the LCD projection and interactive systems area, the cinema and restaurant area present the cultural and natural diversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina and also show that this country treats urban and rural areas on equal footing, as well as the millennia-old harmonious coexistence of ethnic groups in different cultural contexts. This reflects the theme "one whole country - one city".

- A wooden handicraft table in the centre of the pavilion; the artists show the whole process of making handicrafts on the spot; visitors can also make handicrafts of their own style under the guidance of the artists.

- The LCD projection and interactive system imitates the urban module, the multimedia films present the urban landscape and convey rich information.

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