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Brazil - Expo Shanghai 2010

Brazil at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Kimon Berlin

Shaped like a nest, the pavilion uses wood as a material, which is ecological and recyclable. Inside, the exhibition spaces have as themes "the urban landscape", "the city in movement, dynamic Brazil" and "the Brazil of happiness"; there are also thematic galleries that allow to know better the cultural, artistic and commercial activities of Brazilians.

- Through the digital screen cube, one could discover the urban aspect characterised by mountains, rivers, birds and characters of Brazil. -The panoramic stage installed in the central exhibition hall produces strong sensations that one could really get in a Brazilian city.

- Brazilian football stars will perform in the pavilion and visitors will have the opportunity to experience the zeal of the football kingdom.

- Samba and Bossa Nova music will fully exhibit the rhythms and dynamism of Brazil.

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